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About HRC

Our Hair Restoration Centers (HRC) began in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1997. Our singular mission was to offer our patients who were experiencing hair loss an affordable hair restoration procedure. Yet we wanted to reach out even further. At the Hair Restoration Centers, it was also paramount that these procedures were performed by exceptional and highly qualified surgeons using only the most advanced techology available.

Today, we are proud to be able to announce that we have accomplished our mission. We now stretch far and wide. We are honored to give you professional and highly acclaimed surgeons working across the United States of America in unison with our Hair Restoration Centers. Our aim is to provide you with the hair transplant that you deserve.

Our valued and affiliated surgeons understand the effect of hair loss. They have a full perception of the psychological impact and are here to make the difference. They know the importance of a full head of natural hair and how it can change your life and your self-confidence.

For this very reason, the Hair Restoration Center and our surgeons are honored to offer you the most advanced hair restoration treatments at the lowest possible cost.

Let our commited surgeons along with our cutting-edge technology help you reach your hair replacement goals.