The first question most patients have is “How Much Will This Cost”. For many, the costs of a FUE or FUT hair transplant procedure can be overwhelming. At Hair Restoration Centers, we pride ourselves on our low prices by offering hair transplant procedures starting as low as $3 per graft. With over 100,000 hair transplant surgeries performed, our team wants you to not only be happy with your results but the price as well.

FUE & FUT Starting As Low As $3 Per Graft

Please note this cost comparison does NOT reflect our Travel Allowance, up to a maximum of $600, when applicable.

Low Price Hair Implants and a Highly Experienced Staff

Many of our hair transplant clinic competitors will try to insinuate that a lower cost equates to lowered quality. This is simply not true. We have carefully structured our hair transplant clinic to have as little overhead as possible. Hair Restoration Centers does not spend millions of dollars a year on television, radio and newspaper advertising like other chain store style hair transplant clinics. IF WE DID, our price could not be as low as $3 per hair graft!

Hair Restoration Centers, Inc., has one of the most experienced medical hair transplant teams in the world, period. We invite you to contact our clinic to learn more about how we can offer you an affordable hair transplant solution to your hair loss.